Thankfully , our farm doesn’t want for water. Through it run headwaters of the Harihokake Creek. Say that three times fast ! Surely the Lenapes did, and it was their tongue-twister name in the first place.

These “creeks” are commenced at four or five locations from springs here on the farm. I would posit that these springs are near magical. In their chosen spots, they bubble up from the ground, cold, crystal clear, and flow to one of three tributary streams that also flow across the farm.

Near and dear to our hearts is a juncture where these streams join, then exit the farm as one further downstream to join the Harihokake which shortly finds the Delaware.

A grove of Beech trees populate the area on the farm where the three streams meet. This inspired spot prompted me to write the poem in my book , A.T.C. , who left carved evidence of his visit here 112 years ago.

Ponder the waterways just described and multiply by Lord knows how many times to appreciate the tributaries that feed one river. No wonder Washington had such a chore getting across it !


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