Our democracy is being tested ! The president has deferred to the individual states to chart their own course to navigate through the pandemic quagmire. It’s surely not a ‘one size fits all ‘ solution for each state .

Hats off to our founders for sufficient instinct to foresee such circumstance.

The system certainly doesn’t kick in without a few chinks in the armor. Take Texas, for example. The shutdown there has recently disallowed a young mother to work in the hair salon that she owns. That wouldn’t be so much of a problem for her if she didn’t have hungry kids to feed.

Civilly disobedient, she did what she had to do. She opened her salon for business.

For doing that, she was apprehended by police and brought before a local court judge.

Via the telecast of the court proceedings, the judge gave the impression of being a tad irascible and flippant , surely heavy-handed. He sentenced the woman to 7 days in jail for her non-compliance and refusal to apologize to him.

Given the local outcry of protest over the judge’s action, the woman was soon released from jail. She gave an emotional statement to the gaggle of reporters who awaited her release.

It is interesting to observe how the states function when a normally federal function is offloaded to them. They seem to bungle a bit. Surely they did in Texas.


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