Having coffee this A.M., my wife and I discussed an upcoming trip to a grandchild’s college graduation. That, in and of itself, is sobering.

Drilling down on the details, we needed to know the distance between Oxford, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee. Not skipping a beat, Jude addressed Siri on her cell phone to request that information. Siri instantly advised that it was 304 miles.

The thought occurred to me as to how casually that most recent portion of the conversation had unfolded. After all, it was not between two people. It was between Jude and a tiny device that she held in her hand.

That was seemingly no longer remarkable, much less astounding. The device was just simply party to the conversation. No big deal. Never mind that a tiny smidgen of time ago, that reality would have been unthinkable.

Will there come a time then, in few ages hence, when coffee time conversation is between us and our device? I’m hard pressed to believe that we’ll have to wait til 2525 for that to happen!


3 thoughts on “CELL VERSATIONS

  1. I asked my device for the news this morning and proceeded to listen to “her” read me news from 5 different sources for 30 minutes. It was literally the only conversation I had over coffee this morning (save for “no Reagan! This is mommy’s bagel!!”)


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