You’ll recall yesterday’s missive, Fed Ex – Country Style, whereby a contingent of delivery trucks got stuck in neighbor, Phil Rochelle’s hayfield. I’m still pondering why on Earth a delivery driver would have chosen to take his truck down that bridle path .

While writing the piece, I had placed a call to Phil to hear the story straight from him. He was finally able to return my call this morning , the horse having already breached the gate, so to speak. I just had to share one little witticism from Phil our conversation.

Referring to the FedEx driver’s decision, he described it as “a special kind of stupid.”

Sad, isn’t it ? Mr. FedEx will have to live with that ignominy for time immemorial !

On another matter, it wasn’t ever going to be one of Johnny Cash’s top songs, but EGG SUCKIN DOG did grace one of his old album covers, way back when. The song lamented his dog’s reprehensible habit of devouring whatever eggs it could get its mouth on.

To my horror, I discovered this afternoon that I , too, have an EGG SUCKIN DOG !

A duck couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, visit our pond annually. Of course, they nest there. In fact, I was able to observe yesterday exactly the spot where the Mrs. has her nest . Her approach is easily observable from the Writer’s Perch.

Today, as I momentarily unglued my eyes from my IPad, there I saw the dog, Echo, sniffing around the locale of Mrs. Mallard’s nest.

“Echo”, I yelled, wanting to immediately distract her from the spot.

Not the least obeisance made she, a sure sign that she is hell bent impelled by whatever she’s doing.

“Echo “, I yelled again. It was as though she couldn’t even hear me.

Shortly she ran by the Perch, obviously with something in her mouth. Seconds later, I could hear eggshells cracking. Echo repeated the routine several times. How many times? My guess would be exactly the number of eggs left in Mrs. Mallard’s nest

Uh boy, she’ll have to try again next year.


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