Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…. your ship sinks.

Back in December, CNN reported that a Roman shipwreck has been located in the Mediterranean Sea, at the bottom, that is. You know, where most Roman shipwrecks are found.

News of the discovery was on my IPad . Rather robottishly I pressed the button to pursue further details. Well, that had to have been reminiscent of the sinking itself, lost in the on-line morass of both breaking news and barnacles.

In the archaic days of newspapers, when, for space reasons, a story had to jump from one page to another, the layout artist made it fairly easy for the reader to find the story ‘s continuation. Apparently that is a lost notion anymore.

Upon pressing the button, there was nothing about any shipwreck. No where! Anywhere ! I felt marooned, abandoned on some ramshackle raft, bereft on a deserted CNN island. Wait a minute. Was this fake news?

I poked and prodded a bit more on the mini- device, but the Roman sailors had nothing more to divulge. Neither did CNN.

For the record, I am not a regular CNN viewer, I guess for good reason. I was just momentarily washed ashore on this vacuous island, teased by an intriguing headline. Any further secrets that were aboard that Roman ship are lost to the briny deep.

Sorry, dear readers. I, too, would love to know what was found on that sunken vessel.

Wait a minute. Maybe I should write a story.


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