A fellow named Cro approached me.

On the day when Man’s history began.

Cro had a document with him,

Hell bent for me to scan.

That wasn’t my business, I told him,

But I do have a little device.

With my chisel, I suggested,

I could copy that twice.

I thus pursued the endeavor

And unbeknownst to me

The copies I’d made for Cro

Started man’s history.

Later, I felt badly .

These tablets became books, you see.

And all little Cro-Magnons in school

Had to study History !

Not to mention, lugging these books

Back and forth to school ,

The wheel yet to be invented

It was borderline cruel.

But, on their tests they got B’s and C’s

T’was a testament, you see,

To chiseling things in stone.

Damn ! They got better grades than me .


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