It is remarkable how this Corona stuff (not the beer) has altered people’s habits in relative overnight fashion. That is not to say that much of the change hasn’t been dictated by local or federal government and become the norm by statute.

“Social distancing” has become the protocol in a hurry. A month ago, who was talking about self-quarantining ?

Living where Jude and I live is a sort of self-quarantine every day just by going home. But that’s another matter.

Some of the Corona changes can’t be legislated. They are preventative suggestions. There is one in particular that I haven’t been able to get my head around : Don’t touch your face.

Seriously ! In fact, I first heard the suggestion being discussed by President Trump. Avoid touching your face was a response from a TV talking head that the President noted.

Sorry Mr. President. How are you doing with this one ? I know that half the people in the country would find this an opportunity to make some salacious smear. I’m not going there, but I’d love to know if you’ve had any luck not touching your face.

I have not ! I guess I’m too scroungy . Yes, I occasionally have to touch my face to scratch an itch. It’s not anything that I normally need to write about. It’s just the way it is, a conditioned response.

I mean who doesn’t touch their face ?! Corona or not ! Did you wake up this morning hell bent not to touch your face ? That’s just not normal !

Recently I inadvertently dropped a bit of food while dining in my accustomed leather recliner. Unaware at the moment that it happened, there it stayed aside a cushion for some days until I was itched by a plethora of tiny ants .

Suddenly they were crawling all over me ! Reminiscent of some barbaric torture technique, there was NO WAY that I could not touch my face. Corona virus had to be a picnic compared to this !

Thank you, Jude for wreaking havoc with the ants. They’re gone.

Thank you ants for reminding me that there’s worse things than Corona virus… thus far.


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