Were you to log on to my IPad you might find yourself concerned with my overall stability. No, I’m not talking about my balance . That’s been pretty well shot for some time.

I’m not talking about my mental acuity either. That’s always been questionable.

I’m just talking about one small adjunct to my generally disheveled being.

I am relegated largely to writing because that’s what I’m still able to do. Writing is fun. I enjoy it. Recently, however, I had to give myself a good talking to.

My writing instrument, an IPad mini, has become so helplessly cluttered with sundry documents, coupled with insufficient attention to proper filing, that I can scarcely find what I’m looking for.

Enter the BIG OFFLOAD ! I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet, but am preparing to download to, my website, an accumulation of 10 short stories and over 50 poems for your reading pleasure. It’ll be a while before all is ready, so as they say in Houston, Stand by in Slow-Mo.

Soon, however, enjoy the read. Pete


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