I hope that’s what it is !

Or am I just a sheep being lead to slaughter ? (Sorry about the grizzly metaphor.)

Yes, it’s a bit chili today, but not so much so that I can’t bask in the sunny sunshine here on the Writer’s Perch. As I write, it is February 22.

It is easy to remember past years, on or near this date, when such outside languish would be unthinkable. You’d of frozen to death!

It’s not as though some 50 years ago that there weren’t any days that were unseasonably mild . Sure there were, but I can’t remember the whole month of February when the temperature has been this moderate. I wonder. Need I raise the specter that no one likes to talk about… global warming ?

I’ll confess to being quite deficient in my knowledge of the question. I am reminded of an Emily Dickinson line : How huge. How hopeless to conceive.

Is mankind getting a little full of himself, thinking that his actions can and are altering the climate ? The notion is just a little macro, don’t you think? But I defer to the scientists of the world and have contemplated their theories, which, incidentally, are quite disparate.

As for me… how huge, how hopeless to conceive.

One further question, your Honor : Will mankind ever make a climate change reversal without the cooperation of China? Of India? Of a dozen other industrialized countries ?

In the meantime everyone, don’t worry. I’m watching my carbon footprint.


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