“Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before ”

And surely Mr. Poe must have had some outlandish dreams ! How else could he have written some of those stories ? Not to mention poems.

What’s with my dreams ? Your dreams ? Everyone’s dreams ! The phantasms of the human mind never cease to amaze ! Sure, we all have imaginations, but dreams seem to happen when our ordinary imaginings are co-mingled with our brains when just trying to get a little rest.

Is there any rest for a wearied , quixotic mind ? Apparently not ! Our brains don’t seem to think so.

We no sooner get to sleep and our brains decide to kick it into high gear !

Our brains say “hell, you can’t sleep now , there’s dreaming to do. I mean good old-fashioned, full bore, non-sensical dreaming.”

I was proceeding through my usual early morning routine this A.M. Having made coffee, was giving Jude her traditional foot rub. Upon awakening, she proclaimed that she had been amidst the best dream of her life !

Well, I was almost afraid to ask what that might have been !

Soon sipping coffee, she began to explain. Without revealing detail, I failed to see how that could possibly could have even made the top ten.

But that is the nature of dreams, isn’t it ?

When you have them all figured out, dear reader, let me know !


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