It is a half mile walk to my mailbox here in beautiful Pittstown, N.J.

E-mail is especially appreciated here. Here are some tidbits that awaited this morning:


Vanessa Haerle, Sutton, Massachusetts writes :

I hate surveys too. Every time I go into Target to get toothpaste and doggie treats there is a survey waiting in my email wanting to know how I felt about my shopping experience.

It makes me think twice about handing over my email address to them or any other retailer.


Sue Ferguson, Crossville, Tennessee writes :

Any time I use a service, visit a doctor, dentist, hair salon, I no sooner get home and up pops a satisfaction survey…

I’m tired of getting these things and none of them have a f–k off button to choose…

If I am sitting, staring at a wall, I am still too busy to fill these things out…

If you don’t get these things, consider yourself fortunate.


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