After a while it becomes nauseating.

Joe and Josephine Consumer purchase a product or, perhaps a service. A day or so passes and then, Voila, in the mail or email is the proverbial survey wanting to know every last detail of your impression of whatever it was that you purchased.

I know. I know. I get it. Companies are doing their due diligence. How does their performance measure up ? How else would they know if they didn’t ask ?

Sooner or later, another question arises. Are Joe and Josephine suffering from Survey Mania ? Have they acquiesced to completing one too many of these exercises ?

Clinicians use the term Survey Delirium to describe symptoms attributable to consistent bombardment with surveys. They portend another layer of the condition already deserving of its own acronym SRSS : Surveys re: Surveys Syndrome.

This is a state of final exasperation brought on by a consumer’s receipt of a survey regarding a recently mailed survey.

This blog seeks no culpability for such reactions . It will never send you a survey provided that you answer one simple question: Have you filled out that survey today ? If not, why not ? Was it something the survey asked ? Please be specific.


One thought on “SURVEY NATION

  1. I hate surveys too! I run into Target to get toothpaste, doggie treats, and underwear and there is a survey waiting for me in my email inbox wanting to know how I felt about my shopping experience. It makes me think twice about handing over my email to them or any other retailer!


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