In her upbeat book, MOSTLY SUNNY, Fox News meteorologist, Janice Dean, refers to Multiple Sclerosis as the “you look great” disease. Nothing could be more descriptive!

Dean chronicles her battle with MS while in daily pursuit of a demanding career. Yes, her unquestionable good looks are an advantage in a business where the camera doesn’t lie, but what disadvantage she encounters with a disease that only remits when it wants to… not often enough!

How many times have I heard it myself when, in reality, I’m struggling to accomplish some day to day basics : walk, without falling down , visit, without falling asleep, stand, without having to sit down. How about moving my wheelchair without clipping someone in their ankle.

Believe me, the list goes on. I’ll spare the details. They get uglier from this point.

None of this is to say that I don’t appreciate a ton of well-meaning friends who tell me that I look great. Thank you. So do you.

I can assure you that there have been days when my looking great has not been the case. Surely I have fallen my share of times, excused myself when unable to keep my eyes open or my guts from heaving.

Yes, you look great, too. I can only pray for you that you don’t have such a hard time doing it.


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