Yes, it is almost like waving a wand. The Jersey chill is palpable, the whisk of the wand (that is a plane ride) and, voila, it’s 80 degrees in Naples, Florida. Here, too, is the endless rolling whisper of the waves.

This lovely eighth floor condo has become our January haunt for many years now. If we could get it for February we would, but kind fortune is yet to thus bestow. In the meantime, if we were any closer to the gulf, we’d be in it.

Incidentally, our seating arrangement on the plane was notable. Daughter Sunshine with granddaughter Maria purchased tickets for the flight. On a different date in a different state Jude purchased tickets for her and me on the same flight.

As the flight of 200 plus people were seated yesterday, who sat directly across the aisle from Jude and I ? Of course, Sunshine and Maria. Is it me or is the happenstance in life increasingly intertwined? Is information more deftly positioned as to allow circumstance to play a greater roll ?

Then again, is mine but a suspicious mind adrift in a world of increasingly manipulated information? I’ll save that for another post.


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