I don’t exactly languish on Facebook. I’m noticing more and more days when I haven’t even been on.

People’s bio information, however, is interesting…. where they work, where they went to school, etc . Observing where folks now live, as opposed to where they’re from is a fun study. People sure do move from place to place.

That mold is broken with me. My bio reads: FROM PITTSTOWN. LIVES IN PITTSTOWN. I’d love a button on Facebook that calculates the percentage of enrollees who bloomed where they were planted. Not many, I’ll bet.

It is a credential that has a grounding effect. One is “settled in”, couldn’t it be said?

Some would suggest that never getting off the farm is borderline hillbilly. If that’s the case, then please hand me my corncob pipe. I’ll stay in these hills.


2 thoughts on “YOUR BIO

  1. I’ve lived in a few places now… Born Jersey City NJ. Raised in Carteret, NJ. Lived in Sewaren NJ, Edison NJ, Iselin NJ and then Kingwood Township/Stockton NJ.

    You’re a lucky man Pete Tucker. You are living in one of the most beautiful places in our country.

    In our travels I’ve seen lots of jaw dropping views of majestic mountains, canyons and shorelines. Cities filled with light and bustling with activity. But Hunterdon County NJ (in my opinion) is still the most beautiful place to live. When I lived there all I had to do was look out any window of my house and behold…. Beautiful trees and abundant wildlife. It was quiet. Really quiet. A piece of heaven to me. Driving to the market was lovely … up and down the rolling hills. And my morning drive to work … drive down Federal Twist … sun rising … Pennsylvania in the distance … the view of the Delaware River below me with early morning fog following its path thru the tall trees. I never tired of it.

    I have no regrets moving on. There is lots to see and I change my view regularly. We spend almost 8 months a year traveling around USA and Canada in our RV. I love it. Yes, I do own a house in Clayton/Smyrna DE. It’s close to family, our very important medical teams and I save a fortune in taxes! But relating to beautiful places to live… raising a family … lifelong friends … Hunterdon County has no replacement.

    Keep writing Pete Tucker. Enjoy life.

    Merry Christmas to you and Judy.

    From the best employee Tucker Publishing ever had…



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