What can happen in a seventeen second snippet of time?

Not enough, if you’re a Giants fan.

For those readers who aren’t football fans, pardon me for a moment to commiserate.

Last night, Eli Manning played what might well have been the final game in his storied career. Congratulations to him. His play by play… exceptional. His comportment through it all… gentlemanly.

Football is a game of yardage, sometimes a game of inches. Then, of course, a game of seconds. Last night’s contest versus the Eagles thus exemplified. At one moment in the game the score was 17 to 17 with 17 seconds remaining to play.

Was that some sort of sign to play the lottery ? Maybe, if I played in the first place.

If you’re a Giants fan, it went downhill from there. In overtime the Eagles convincingly marched down the field to score the winning touchdown in short order. My bedtime bubble was abruptly burst.

Hey, I can take this. Remember, I’m a Rutgers fan too.


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