That ain’t happening !

There’s a reason why animals hibernate. Up ’til now (Dec.4) this animal just perched at my favorite place to write. Outside, on a deck that affords a kickin’ view. How can one write without first getting their head right? The “perch” takes care of that !

Do Phycologists perform clinical trials ? Count me in. I truly believe that a writer’s surrounds affect, one way or another, the quality of his/her writing.

I will note ,with no further ado, that it snowed all day yesterday. I didn’t blow the snow off the deck, so here it is this morning just above freezing with snow covering every square inch.

Imagine if I was trying to write music out there! Talk about sour notes. So if this particular post amounts to naught but venomous verbiage, you’ll know why. The writer is fouled by the weather.

Oh, well . The new snow season kinda reminds me of long ago. People would venture down our long lane for one reason or another. Stepping out of their car in near disbelief that someone lived this far from a public road, they would unfailingly ask what we ever did when it really snowed.

Still unadjusted to the notion, they would react a bit oddly after our polished deadpan reply : “Well, (pause) we just throw another log on the fire.”

At this point I’ve forgotten what I was going to write about today . Maybe I should hibernate!


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