THE ROLODEX… it’s so easy, a caveman can do it.

I evoke the old Geico commercial only for one reason. If you ever had one of these devices on your desk, you will agree that the Rolodex was one simple device. It made frequently needed names, addresses and phone numbers quite easily accessible, with but the spin of a knob.

It is unclear whether cavemen ever really did use them, but for the fun of it, let’s assume that they did. After all, in your former life, wouldn’t you have sought such convenience?

I recently needed to catch up with a fellow with whom I hadn’t done business for a while, but right there he was in the trusty old Rolodex that sat on my desk for years. Who says these crude old devices don’t work?!

But, Hark ! I found that scrolling through my old Rolodex was a little disquieting. Too many of these characters are no longer with us ! No, that is not to say that they moved out of town. They died.

Slow it all down, Lord ! You’ve got things moving a bit quick here !

I know. I know. In the old days, this would’ve been water off a caveman’s back !


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