Perhaps you have read in my second book, MORE MEMORIES FROM DOWN THE LANE, a vignette entitled Lost in Techno-Fog. It’s been a few years since that writing, but I still remember the favorable feeling that an author has when he reads, then re-reads a bit of his work and finds it to be pretty damned funny!

Yes, it’s true, I’m still lost in techno-fog ! I may regret this, but I thought I might use the blog format to commence a techno-discussion. I would remind all that they are interacting here with someone who is technologically clueless and is content with it that way.

That said, I will just ask for anyone to reply. How does one become “hacked” on Facebook ? I’m hearing about it commonly. Is it simply a matter of someone pretending to be me? Or you ?

Why on Earth would someone want to do that ? Shouldn’t they be a little more selective in whose footsteps they choose to dwell ?

Unless I’m sadly mistaken, my Facebook page does not afford carte blanche entry to my bank account. So, is some numbskull accomplishing anything by hacking a Facebook account? Is it just the peak of mischief or some nirvana that I don’t quite know about ?

Clue me in, please, all of you accomplished hackers out there.

And, while you’re at your nefarious nothings, get a life.


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