With 50 states and a few territories, it’s one mighty big country, wouldn’t you agree ?

You would if you ever drove across it !

What is your state most noted for ?

You know, each state has a nickname or a slogan that highlights a characteristic that identifies it. Nevada is the Silver State, Illinois is the Prairie State, Delaware, The First State, etc.

Then there is the Garden State where I live. Jersey is misnamed, however. Perhaps its slogan should more appropriately be the Maligned State or the Bullied State. Making fun of New Jersey is popular sport. Am I that obtuse to not quite understand why ?

I do know the seasoned joke : “You’re from Jersey. Oh yeah, what exit ?”

To be clear, there is enough about Jersey that doesn’t float my boat. It is too populated. Its location gets in its own way, (where we live, equidistant NYC and Philadelphia.)

It is not that benevolent to retirees, i.e. cost of living. Yes, it’s a bit expensive.

I’ll call it the way it is. Most people who choose to besmirch New Jersey are either following the crowd or are a tad ignorant. Have they been to Hunterdon County? Morris ? Somerset ? Sussex ? If not, then zip it. Folks are consistently wowed by the beauty of this place.

We would probably all agree that every state has a spot or two that are a bit unsightly. Said spots are most likely to be somewhere in a sizable city, but in fairness, they could be anywhere, more to the point, in any state.

There is a population problem, though: more horses per square mile than in any other state.


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