It being Halloween a few nights ago, one of our daughters was describing the Trick or Treating adventures of kids in her neighborhood. Sunshine’s house is located at the end of a driveway, maybe the length of a football field, from the road .

Apparently this location truncates the number of Trick or Treaters at Sunshine’s house. The word is out betwixt neighborhood kids on this house. It’s not that it is more scary than the next. It’s just too far to walk.

Yes, cars can stop right at the mouth of the driveway to disgorge Trick or Treaters, but that’s too awkward. Other driveways in the locale certainly provide more convenience and greater candy-per-stop yield than Sunshine’s distant house, nearly a touchdown away.

Let’s face it: Kids and their parents need to render these calculations simply to optimize the outing, the candy quotient, if you will.

My point is in another direction: what kind of candy-ass kids are being raised anymore ? Are they not wussified enough? Are the taxing rigors of Trick or Treating just beyond the pale ? Are wuss costumes available for next Halloween?

Wait a minute. No costume needed. The kids can come as they are… wusses .


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