There are days, believe it or not

When I awaken in a vacuous state !

What will be the subject today ?

I need only to concentrate.

So I wonder , but dreamily

Is it too early in the morning ?

Is the hour not quite conducive ?

Don’t wish my readers to be scorning !

Something is bound to bubble up

From my fragile eggshell mind.

A topic will avail itself .

I’m not sure yet, which kind .

Ah ha ! That’s the move.

Once before, I felt this lurch .

I’ll simply change my venue,

And sit up on the writer’s perch !

There now ! This should certainly do .

Here I can pluck something from the air .

There’s tons of topics about which to scrawl.

I need only determine where .

There’s one, floating loftily

But leaving not a clue.

Unsure what it’s about,

As a topic, will it do ?

And so the blogger acquiesces

To his vapid state of mind.

Hoping tomorrow will offer

An angle not so blind .



  1. Pete, Reminds me of the greeting card I saw years ago of a chimp sitting in a chair with a bubble from his head saying,” Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit!” Nothing wrong with that!


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