Got that ? Then say it three times fast !

Then let me backup. This convoluted combination of vowels and consonants is a sophisticated way of saying Borax. Got that?

Let me backup further. Surely you remember a Western t.v. series, Death Valley Days, that ran from 1952 to 1970.

What’s that you say ? You weren’t born yet ? Oh well, in 1952 I wasn’t either, so we’re in the same boat.

Be that as it may, the TV series was a chronicle of legends and lore stemming from Death Valley country in southeastern California. The late Merle Haggard used to narrate the re-runs years ago.

The show was sponsored by Twenty Mule Team Borax, a supposedly miraculous and all-purpose cleaning product.

I’m hoping to have this straight: Borax is produced from boron which is or was mined in Death Valley. In the old days, wagons full of the stuff were drawn from the depths of the valley by a… drumroll, please… a team of twenty mules.

Between you, me and the hitching post I can barely imagine harnessing twenty mules. Not to mention, at the end of the day, unharnessing twenty mules. If, dear reader, you have ever harnessed one mule -or horse- you will know why I say that.

Now where was I going with this ? Oh yeah. While I was paging through my Amazon catalog, I just thought I’d check with my comrades to be sure that you all were well-stocked with Twenty Mule Team Borax.

I hate running out of a “must-have” item.



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