It was 5:30 AM. Jude was up a bit earlier than usual. She appeared at the living room entranceway, a little drowsy and wanting coffee.

Coffee was made already. That protocol was established decades ago. Upon waking, Jude needs her caffeine, period.

I wish not to make it sound like the Gestapo, but, hey, welcome to the Gestapo ! Colonel Judy Klink in command and she wants her Java !

Me? I’m just happy that I don’t have to do the goose step while making coffee. That would sew bitterness into the brew. Juan Valdez would not approve.

I questioned Jude as to whatever the reason for her early wakening. She just sighed wearily and threw up her arms.

“What else”, she replied. “Coyotes!”

It is true. The little bastards will wake you up with the most hideous, forlorn, ghastly, dreadful, macabre and lurid howls ever known to Man.

And guess what . They’re getting bigger. Over the years, wolves from up around Saskatchewan way became enamored with their smaller brethren and decided to do something about it. The very logical result is bigger coyotes, or coy-wolves as some are calling them.

As bad fortune would have it, the coyotes made their way to Jersey. Not to introduce further confusion, but they’re breeding like rabbits.

We’ve heard no talk yet about howling “coybits, but that would seem to be the next progression.

There is chatter about bounty hunting.

I love it. Jersey’s becoming a pretty wild place !


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