When Man Began

By Pete Tucker

A fellow named Cro approached me
On the day when Man’s history began.
Cro had a doc with him
He was Hell bent for me to scan.

That isn’t my business, I told him
But, I do have a little device.
With my chisel, I suggested
I’ll copy that thing twice.

I thus pursued the endeavor
And unbeknownst to me
The copies I’d made for Cro
Began Man’s history.

Later, I felt badly
These stones became books, you see.
And all little Cro Magnons in school
Had to study history.

Not to mention, lugging these books
Back and forth to school
With the wheel not yet invented,
Well, it was borderline cruel.

But the Magnon kids got A’s and B’s,
Quite the testament, you see,
To chiseling thoughts in stone.
Cro got better grades than me !