What? Spell Too?

Spending any time on FaceBook
Renders a specific need.
If I am to read your next post,
Please, please proof read!!

I struggle through a certain entry
That’s come totally off its tracks.
With no attention to proper spelling,
Total disregard for syntax.

Do please remember!
That verb needs its proper tense.
And watch the double negatives.
Your missive need make sense!

There’s an added complication!
Born of our devices
They guess what I wish to say
Thus raising my worst vices!

Finish not my sentence.
You cursed I pad!
You can’t write in the first place
And you’re making me look bad.

I need only finish this entry
Without you making me look like Hell.
And, please, don’t help me Mr. IPad,
I already know how to spell!