Squirrel Treed

By Pete Tucker

A squirrel’s tail brushed its nose
To the dog’s momentary glee!
The dog woofed and barked and stared up high
Knowing she’d never climb the tree.

Didn’t matter! Again she barked,
The squirrel hid in its hole.
The dog howled to no avail,
The squirrel in complete control.

The dog persisted with incessant bark
The squirrel? Not the least it moved,
But later perched out on its limb.
Again, the doggie disapproved!

The standoff was now nigh,
Would this barking still go on?
Dog kept jumping at the heightened tree,
Its barking at new echelon.

The squirrel stood pat,
It watched, while quite amused.
Would the canine finally give up
Before the eve diffused ?

Indeed, darkness descended.
The squirrel fell fast asleep,
But the dog, still impelled
Was in this way too deep!

At length, the pup could see no sense.
To her house she chose to return.
She resolved to bark another day
And teach that squirrel to never spurn.