Were that I was challenged to put to paper
Thoughts now swirling in my mind .
Would I render naught but vapor?
Or, words I would have signed?

My brain in state of utter confusion,
An array of scattered thought!
Abstruse and cloudy delusion
No wonder I’m so distraught.

Who can say for sure, my diagnosis.
It’s difficult to identify.
That depends, of course, on my prognosis,
And what is the stimuli.

I am a little “off”, you’ve surely concluded.
But that depends upon your point of view.
Yes there’s a chance I’m a tad deluded,
I wonder, though, if you are, too!

Oh ! I’m sorry. That was a low blow.
You’ll have to understand.
It’s part of my condition,
My aberrant schizoid gland.