She Made a Move

By Pete Tucker

You moved out here to the country,
A script so beautifully written.
Call it luck. Call it  destiny,
But certainly call me smitten!

You were not without some issues!
You packed the kids and, yes, another man!
A woman who knew what to do, though
Made changes before we began.

There were fits and starts at first.
But surely arose the question.
Should we go for it, do the long haul?
In short, we loved the suggestion!!

But still they’re were some issues.
Would I actually take you as my spouse
A woman this fair, this pretty, this kindly,
But who dwelled in an orange house ?!!

That matter soon vanquished.
Why not move without delay?
We held a winning card, you know.
So we shipped off to Tuckaway!

Years, nay, decades have passed us by.
Since the times of which I speak.
Words that describe this wondrous journey
I still do humbly seek!

And, what of my lovely Judy?
Her enthusiasms still abound!
Refreshing, she is, with every day
Her goodness does resound!

She has been my bedrock,
Indeed, my very best friend!
Tell her now what she’s meant to me
Wait not for our lives to end.

A daunting task, it would be
To tell her all that is in my heart.
To tally my love for her
Before we shall surely depart.

I suspect the words have left me,
When attempting the daunting task.
They tease and beguile me,
As though they wore a mask .

But some day I will find them
Before my ship sets sail.
Judy will know, at last
I love her beyond the pale.