Say It Ain’t So

By Pete Tucker

Say it ain’t so!
Our devices are now so sinister
These Schmack books and GuyPads
That we constantly administer.

Why are they celebrated?
Some greet them with elation.
The latest, greatest version
Listens to your conversation.

What’s that? You don’t believe me?
Well, try this on for size:
I mention my need to work out more.
Up pops a bike for exercise.

It smacks of Big Brother.
The parlance of mind control.
If you’re not saying the proper thing,
It will have you further scroll.

Insidious, it is.
Perhaps you think me paranoid.
Or maybe you’ll thank me later
When some entrapment you avoid.

A medium with untold power
Has enchanted your kid for hours
And wields reckless violence
As his mind slowly sours.

Eventually he will answer,
When properly indoctrinated.
When his mind is “well done”
And satisfactorily situated .

When all he chooses to do and say
Is in the ‘game’ he selected today.
A sad existence will settle in
And expose a danger we’ve chosen to spin.