Pre-existing Condition

( Sing these lyrics to the tune of Hank Williams Jr.’s
“Family Tradition” .


Well, it all got started over there in Wuhan
Just a short little while ago.
Some punk-ass lab technician
Thought he’d tell the world where to go.

So, he found himself a virus
One nasty contagion.
He let it go on the whole wide world
‘Til it … really got to ragin’.

Soon the world was puzzled,
Doctors, nurses and academics.
They studied long and hard and figured
We had one of them… nasty pandemics !

Well, I got myself sequestered.
Didn’t much like my position.
Found out this virus didn’t mix well
With my … pre-existing condition !

Studied it for a while.
Sorta learned through osmosis.
I’ll back off on this virus
What with my… Multiple Sclerosis.

Found out another detail
That really pissed me off.
Them Chinese knew the whole deal.
They coulda called the whole thing off .

Don’t like the way we been treated.
Them puttin us in this position.
Might just have to introduce them
To my Nasty Disposition.