Ode to the Class of ’69

Well, who would have predicted?
Who would have forebode?
That this punk-ass sophomore
Would be asked to write a little ode?

So, I hunted and pecked.
The pleasure was all mine
To write a line of verse or two
For the class of 69.

‘Twas indeed, the end of an era,
The sixties’ bitter end.
How we even got through it
Is hard to comprehend.

A time of war and tumult,
Protests and sit-ins.
Woodstock and hippies
Drugs and mandolins.

You might well wonder,
These fifty years later.
Who among us was the real Hippy?
And who was much the straighter?

Now it is but ponderous,
Fifty years in the blink of an eye.
Some have grandkids in college.
Some hitched their wagon to the sky.

Remembering the times at Del-Val
It’s fun to reminisce.
Between classes in B corridor,
With whom did you steal a kiss?

C’mon, we know you did it.
It was sloppy, it was hot.
YOU were noted among the liplockers.
Don’t tell me you forgot!

Yes, events in ‘69…
Were amazing as they gets!
You’ll remember the World Series
And the amazing New York Mets !