Major Tom, This is Scatterdom

Major Tom, This is Scatterdom.
Just making sure I’m clear.
Remember me? Eons ago?
We met in Stratosphere.

You’ll recall that hapless day,
Your countenance very graven.
Your ship misfired near Intego
You spiraled to Celestial Haven.

It didn’t seem I’d see you again,
But here you are, ages hence.
I suppose you’ll re-set to Milky Way
And make me wonder whence.

But, here you are,
Landed at my Perch.
I am honored, Scatterdom.
Might we have tea before you lurch?

I can but hope, in random time
That we might confer again .
Provided that my ship kick starts
And I’m propelled to Planet Ten

Our ships need honing,
Given rigors of galactic travel .
I landed at Paradox one day
And my ship bogged down in gravel .

We must be careful where we place them,
Though mine made by Marchandus Benz,
This galaxy mud and space dust
Can yield inglorious ends.