Lessons from the Sea

By Pete Tucker

I settle before these waves this morning.
The day begins anew.
What lessons will wash ashore today?
What wisdom will the sea imbue ?

Surely the sum of seas and oceans
Are most of this wondrous world!
What then, will the sea be teaching me?
What lessons will be unfurled?

A vastness beyond conception,
This mighty ocean blue
Will surely impart a token today,
A notion for me…. For you.

Could it be a point quite simple
In the hugeness of this array?
A profound consecration.
What is the sea here to say?

Perhaps a subtle inference
Locked within a grain of sand.
Would that I find the key today
And simply understand.

It is said by those quite learned
In matters of the briny deep
That we evolved from these waters
Not yet able still to creep.

Is it any wonder then,
Though ages long gone by
That the sea still calls to us
Before each day is nigh?

Or that we oft pay homage
To seas from whence we came.
And ponder waves incessant,
Each without a name.

Though they all speak to us
In terms at times not clear.
Be kind to me, ye people
For I am your last frontier!

Leave me as you found me.
Leave me finer than when you came.
For I shall ever sustain you
If I may remain the same.