Information Control

By Pete Tucker

Yes, it might be convenient
This bastion of information.
Google has the answer
No matter the question.

Anything you may wish to know
If you’re a knowledge glutton
You need do nothing else,
But push a certain button.

Voila! There’s the answer.
How can you be so smart?
You’re not just a genius.
You’re a work of art!

BUT, a danger lurks here.
Might you not agree?
A device is your gospel.
It has no sanctity.

There will come a time,
When finding an answer is your task.
A valid reply will depend
On how the question was asked.

From whence does your answer come,
Other than touching the proper knob?
Was equal weight given all facts?
Just who weighed the job?

Did your source have an agenda?
Did it reflect all sides?
Who determines the answer?
Who is asking? Who decides?