Illusion in the Pasture

By Pete Tucker

Perched upon my balcony
Eyes cast o’er paddocks green.
This contrasting backdrop
Shows off a critter’s preen.

The fleeting scoot,
The quickly dash.
Creatures stow away
Their secreted cache.

It is yet a wonder.
How they silently abound.
Day long they dart and dodge.
Making not a sound.

A fox approaches!
At a leisurely jaunt.
The wee critters dash and scatter,
As though the fox a  haunt!

But the fox meant not to meddle.
He was simply passing through.
He politely pauses,
As would I , as would you.

Mr. Fox resumes his amble.
The creatures all return.
At length they came to realize
The fox was no concern.

If matters in the wild
Are this easily resolved,
You’d think us civil folk
Would have better evolved !