I Forgot to Write

By Pete Tucker

In review of many years ago
I scanned my aging journal.
And chanced upon a vacant page,
Blank, without a kernel.

Just what happened on that day
When I saw fit not to write?
Was I a tad ill, perhaps
Or, not feeling erudite?

I  am reminded of a time in school
When I was starting to flounder.
My teacher too was weak.
Could have been profounder.

But, I plodded on,
With only decent grades.
Surely not the honor roll,
No scholastic accolades.

The Duke called me pontifical,
A tad loquacious, he said.
It earned me no scholarship?
A graduation speech, instead.

But a question still lingers.
Of a single vacant page.
That one day there in school
When no actors were on the stage?