Hungry Bass

I sat aside the pond this morn,
If but to enjoy the day .
A big old Bass swam the edge.
He was on an insect foray.

Quite large, he was .
I chided him about his girth.
“ Trying for the record”, he said
“ For the largest Bass on Earth.”

“Well, keep on swimming”, I encouraged,
“There’s a dragonfly at four o’clock.
But as I said it, to the Bass’s credit
That dragonfly was shocked.

The Bass thanked me for the sighting,
“Dragonflies”,he said, “are such a treat.
Of all the bugs near any pond,
They are just way too sweet.”

The Bass continued his leisure swim,
Then made an odd suggestion.
“If you sighted for me , regularly,
I’d be having indigestion!”

At the pond the next morning
I was hoping for the same result.
But the big Bass was a no-show,
So with a Sunny I did consult.

“Oh, he’s got the low-down on you,”
The Sunny said. “ He’s given you a second thought.”
“He’s pretty smart, that old Bass.
That’s why he’s never been caught.”

“Carl Catfish saw you yesterday,”
The Sunny said, “with your tackle box in hand.
Fish don’t want your nasty hooks.
That you must understand.”

“So, if you expect to catch further fish,
You should proceed with more discretion.
And, to not incur the wrath of my fellow fish,
I’ll end the rest of this session!”