Flirting Frogs

By Pete Tucker

Just what is this frog saying
As it croaks aside the pond?
There’s a lady frog on the other bank
Of whom he’s especially fond.

He has a funny way of saying it,
In a gloomy monotone.
Is she to be impressed
With his dreary baritone?

It gets more complex.
Another bullfrog chimes in.
There’s competition in the pond
To the prior frog’s chagrin!

It takes a bit of time
For the whole thing to evolve.
A cacophony of croaks
Asks all frogs to be involved.

One then has to wonder.
Is there any balance in the fray?
Or is it a frogging free-for-all?
Reckless croaking gone astray?

Let us not question the motives
Of these boorish bullfrogs.
Suffice it to say, though,
They can be such demagogues!