Farmer’s Woes

On your way to work this morning?
Perhaps pondering all your troubles?
Consider the farmer with hay to make.
Today his work near doubles!

Maybe you’ve not thought about this,
With Spring exceedingly wet.
He has hundreds of acres of hay to make,
But on no fields can he get!

So now the days grow longer
And green grass turns to sallow.
He needs three straight days of sunshine
Before bale one goes in the haymow.

Yes, it will happen sooner or later
But the damage is already done.
The best of the crop is a thing of the past.
The grass is overdone.

It’s not the the worst hay
That the farmer has ever made.
But this is his livelihood, you see.
He’s five hundred acres delayed!

So these are the farmer’s troubles.
No choice but to persevere.
Indeed, to pray for a better crop
Perhaps next year!