Dr. Do-Little

By Pete Tucker

How am I?  you ask
Oh, I am fine, I guess
But getting closer to the truth,
I’m really quite a mess.

Spending untold time with doctors
As though there’s something they can do.
Needles, blood work and infusions,
can HARDLY walk,  How about you?

At least the doctors are varied.
Today a Pulmonologist
If he’s not cutting it,
Tomorrow’s my neurologist.

The list of Doctors is dizzying.
No wonder I’m a mess.
Until they find a cure,
I’m racked with this MS.

Even if they find a cure,
Will be a mighty battle won,
But won’t really apply to me
With the damage already done.

What else to say then,
The next time that folks inquire?
Well, I’m pretty good, I guess.
Things are not too dire.

My feet hit the ground this morning.
That’s a helluva start.
My intent is to do that often
before  I  depart.

What else can be asked for?
The sun is shining bright.
I  HAVE paper and quill,
And all the day to write!

Be happy, my friends
With your lot in life.
The world is a splendor.
Stay away from strife.