Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was renowned in school
For being quite bodacious.
Problem was, she talked too much.
And boys found her quite flirtatious.

She aroused the banter at Chatter Box High.
Guys deemed her quite vivacious.
If only she’d quiet down a bit,
Ya know, a little less loquacious.

But, guys being guys,
Were vain and criticized her.
But, at graduation a question was answered
On who was wise and who was wiser ?

Buck Grainer was class brainiac
He’d been the expected shoo-in
For that lauded title we can hardly pronounce.
Something like Valedictorian.

To everyone’s surprise Buck’s name was called
When they awarded class Salutatorian.
But Daisy Mae sashayed the stage
As they named her Valedictorian !

A lasting lesson the boys here learned.
About just what defines beauty.
Daisy Mae had ruled the day,
All knew that she was Class Cutie.

And how about Buck Grainer,
What was he to do ?
He’d have to learn to like it .
That is, being number two !