Bovine Blue

Didn’t ask to be doin’ this
At the tender age of six.
Wasn’t my choice, though.
I was just part of the mix.

I was slowly learning,
Had few, if any clues.
But I found out soon
I had those Bovine Blues.

Yeah, that’s the way it was,
Sad but true.
Life was all about cows.
I was bovine blue.

Every morning milking,
Then the evenings, too.
Day in and day out,
I was bovine blue.

Feeding bales of hay,
Far heavier than me.
It was part of the job,
The way it was gonna be.

The days wore on.
I turned age seven.
Cleaning those gutters
Certainly wasn’t Heaven !

It didn’t get any better
When I turned age eight.
Milking those gassy cows
Was still my dreaded fate.