Been Here

By Pete Tucker

I was here once before,
Once long ago.
Someone is telling me.
Who it is, I scarcely know.

I watched this beam
As it was roughly hewn.
Shavings from a broad axe
On the ground were strewn.

It’s been hundreds of years
Since neighbors raised this bent.
I joined them in the tug,
A remarkable ascent.

The day was resplendent.
We all joked and carried on.
But, we got this barn built.
At dusk the day was won.

You might find it curious,
My exacting recollection.
To recall this grand barn
When built with rough perfection.

It is really quite simple.
I am but part of a whole.
Over spans of generations,
I’m a recycled soul.

So lest you think it be delirium
Your understanding, I implore.
Indeed there is good chance
That you, too were here before!